Wednesday, August 16, 2006


While reading my own post in IE6, I saw the bug fooling around my page (hover the mouse over the link marked as external to see it in action).

To make the flicker dissapear (mouse over the A tag having background image) use this bookmarklet (copy/paste the code in your address bar in IE):


See for details.

Well, it's done. My IE6 background image flicker bug fix site is up and running

I was searching the web the other day for a way to keep the selection highlighted inside of a document in design mode in Internet Explorer when the focus is somewhere else. I was hoping to find some MSHTML command id to feed into the execCommand method and enable this behaviour. I found IDM_KEEPSELECTION and tried it but without any visible results.

But I found other command id that caught my attention: IDM_BACKGROUNDIMAGECACHE.

"Wow, what was that?"

I said to myself in wonder, more like Hammy facing Steve.

"Can't be true!"

But it turned out to be really true. Check my site for a fix of the infamous IE6 background image flicker bug: